Dang Soo Do is considered a "Classical" martial art.  What this means is that the purpose of training in Dang Soo Do is not for sport, but for the betterment of the individual and henceforth the betterment of the world.  Unlike some martial arts popular today, traditional Dang Soo Do develops the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit.

General Concepts

Neh Gong 내공 — Internal Effort

Weh Gong 외공 — External Effort

Shim Gong 심공 — Spiritual Effort

Pyong Ahn 평안 — Peace

Dang Soo Do Chung Shin 당수도정신 - Dang Soo Do Spirit


8 Key Concepts

1. Yong Gi 용기 - Courage

2. Chung Shin Tong Il 정신통일 - Concentration

3. In Neh 인내 - Endurance

4. Chung Jik 정직 - Honesty

5. Kyum Son 겸손 - Humility

6. Him Cho Chung 힘조정 - Control of Power

7. Shin Chook 신축 - Tension & Relaxation

8. Wan Gup 완급 - Speed Control


10 Articles of Faith

1. Be loyal to your country

2. Be obedient to your parents

3. Be loving between husband and wife.

4. Be cooperative between brothers and sisters.

5. Be faithful between friends.

6. Be respectful toward your elders.

7. Be faithful between student and teacher.

8. Know the difference between good and evil.

9. Never retreat in battle.

10. Always finish what you start.