From all of us here at the KDA, Enjoy the Holidays!

휴일 잘 즐기세요!

Happy Holidays from the Korea Dangsoodo Association

At this point we would like to announce the most recent promotions to our Executive Board.

Congratulations to:

Dan Bernardo, Sabom... our new Vice President.
Robert Wells, Sabom... our new man on the Testing Committee.
Donna Wells, Sabom... our new Secretary.
Aaron Turner, Sabom... our new man on the Membership Committee.

We invite you all to congratulate our newest members of the KDA Executive Board!! DANGSOO!!!

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Our Dojang in Brazil is growing!  Dangsoo Mr. Ravagnani!!

The KDA is now an independent organization underneath the umbrella of the World Dang Soo Do Union.  We wish to thank the World Dang Soo Do Union for such a gracious and warm welcome. We are honored to be a part of the family!

The World Dang Soo Do Union (WDU) is a international fraternal organization of Dang Soo Do and Moo Duk Kwan practitioners created by founder and president Choeng Jae Nim Song Ki Kim.


Dang Soo!!!


For more information about the WDU, please check out their website at and their FACEBOOK PAGE.

On January 2-3, 2016 Grandmaster Carlos Alayon traveled to our school in Columbia, South Carolina to train with fellow board members Dan Bernardo, Sabom and Sixto Olmo, Bo Kyosa.  School owner, Aaron Turner, Kyosa also traveled from Scranton, Pennsylvania to train and meet with Grandmaster Alayon.  It was a great weekend of fun and work.



  • Mike Melvin
  • Fabricio Ravagnani


7th Gup

  • Rebecca Weems

Aaron Turner, KyoSa Nim, & Dawn Kashuba, KyoSa Nim

2nd Pre-Test

  • Lucy M. Lennon

1st Gup

  • Viktoria C. Meehan

5th Gup

  • Rowlands M. Makayla

6th Gup

  • Aiden S. Perez
  • Rachel S. Desmarais
  • Oriana Murphy

7th Gup

  • Emma Frey

8th Gup

  • Zander Kerekes
  • Madison M. Novoczynski
  • Robby G. Opalka
  • Alanna Frey
  • Joseph A. Bideganeta
  • Shaylee O. Trently

9th Gup

  • Rohan M. Tomas
  • Daniel D. Drake
  • Carlee N. Burridge
  • Simpson S.M. Burridge

2nd Gup

  • Gabriel A. Sanson
  • Alejandra Caballero
  • Genaro Lezcano
  • Lino Ruiz
  • Michelle M. Perez
  • Fransisco E. Sanson
  • Saul E. Mague
  • Alec J. Sanson

3rd Gup

  • Angel Von Chon
  • Cesar J. Bazan
  • Hector D. Ramirez
  • James T. Chaves

4th Gup

  • Edward A. Lowe
  • Mariam M. Edwards
  • Marcus M. Edwards

5th Gup

  • Fransisco D. Sanson
  • Leticia Caballero
  • Ricardo A. Solis
  • Lourdes Galves

7th Gup

  • Diego J. Gomez

8th Gup

  • Alonso Acosta

9th Gup

  • Derick R. Castillo

We are excited to welcome Bo Kyo Sa Sixto Olmo of Virginia, USA to the KDA family.

Dang Soo!!!

9th gup

  • John A. Santos
  • Caleb Weems
  • Seth Weems

8th gup

  • Rebecca Weems


Their Dojang was featured in the South Philly Review. Give the article a read and share in congratulating our awesome KDA Dojang in Philadelphia!!

Dang Soo!!!!


Kicking away barriers through Tang Soo Do

East Passyunk Crossing spouses are aiding aspiring martial arts practitioners at their neighborhood space.


Robert and Donna Wells pride themselves on endowing learners with belts and bravery.

Photo by Richard Barnes

When Robert and Donna Wells became husband and wife in 1987, they initiated the most cherished application of two becoming one. Seven years into their ownership of Traditional Tang Soo Do of Philadelphia, 1816 S. 11th St., the partners are pursuing the pairing of mind and body as another durable couple and have helped numerous locals to combat their concerns and marshal their resources as martial arts practitioners....



We are excited to welcome Kyosa's Aaron Turner and Dawn Kashuba to the KDA family.

Dang Soo!!!

8th gup

  • Lijun Alayon Hwang

7th gup

  • Carlos Shang Alayon Hwang

1er Seminario internacional de La Asociacion de  Dang Soo Do de Corea


Sabado 25 de Julio de 2015

En el Gimnacio Jose Maria De La Ossa Pueblo Nuevo, Panama

ven a entrenar con el Gran Maestro Carlos Alayon, Cinturon Negro 8vo Dan en Tang Soo Do.

Para mas información:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Libre de costo para todo miembro de la KDA

2nd Pre-Test

  • Don Burleson

2nd Gup

  • Paul Martell
  • Catherin McCall

3rd Gup

  • Julien Daniels
  • Jimmy Telese

4th Gup

  • Lilly Bartley
  • Missouri Hinchey-Modflin

5th Gup

  • Harrison Li

6th Gup

  • Susan Hinchey
  • Mary Nguyen
  • Gianni Pietrafitta

7th Gup

  • Adam Boughanme
  • Nadia Boughanme
  • Leon Hwang

8th Gup

  • Angelina Pungitore
  • Chris Rodriguez

Cho Dan

  • Sofie Anna S. Burleson - Philadelphia PA
  • Jordan Cella - Philadelphia PA
  • Ciara DiOrio - Philadelphia PA

E Dan

  • Luigi Mazzochi - Philadelphia PA
  • K. Matthew Harris - Pittsburgh, PA


Congratulations to all!