Gobeob Dangsudo® - Sipsamseh

Gobeob Dangsudo® is the old school Korean Karate practiced solely by the Korea Dangsudo Association (KDA). The KDA uses the term Gobeob Dangsudo® to specify the difference between the martial art practiced by KDA licensed and certified schools (Dojang) and the other variations of Dangsudo (Tang Soo Do/Dang Soo Do) practiced by other organizations and independent dojang.

Gobeob – 古法 (고법) – Means Ancient Method, or more colloquially “Old School”. (Pronounced Gō-pʌ̹p̚)
Dangsudo - 唐手道 (당수도) means Way of the Chinese Hand.

The Spelling of Gobeob Dangsudo® uses the Revised Romanization of Korean (RR, also called South Korean or Ministry of Culture [MC] 2000) which is the most current Romanization used around the world.