Dan Number 3 was the highest Dangsudo Moodukkwan practitioner in the World.

Under the suppression of Japanese rule for 36 years, Dangsudo was in crisis of its termination, but after the Liberation in 1945, Martial Arts practitioners sharing the same intention around the late Kwan Jang Nim, Hwang Kee tried to make ‘The Korean Traditional Martial Art’ grow in Korea, but many groups or schools of the Traditional Martial Art in the midst of the Taekwondo unification joined the sports trend, facing another crisis of being buried in history again. Although I am an old man, over 90 years old, I feel I am a tough Dangsudo person, and I am determined to devote my remaining years to the restoration of the Korean Traditional Martial Art of Dang Soo Do.

Dangsudo sets the spiritual training, not martial skills as a basic. Whatever the state-nation may be, it is impossible to become a nation of independence without invincible willpower and healthy body. Invincible, healthy willpower becomes the basis of morality. Healthy mentality is really the cornerstone serving to form a right and righteous society.

It’s necessary to establish a Traditional view through the spirit of Dangsudo. Now, the high ranking Dan members of Dangsudo who will share this will and intention will bind four million or more Dangsudo practitioners scattered over the whole world together by making this organization of the Korean Traditional Martial Art of Dangsudo.

It is our goal that our authentic, spiritual Martial Art of Dangsudo is established as the amazing Martial Art that it is. As Dangsudo practitioners, we will passed down these historical roots, and reach this goal.

At the risk of my life, I earnestly promise to inherit and develop our nation’s traditional Martial Art of Dangsudo, which is a Martial Art that realizes humanitarianism, and a nation’s precious legacy.