RIP, 1950 - December 31, 2014

Martial Art Practitioner, Becoming a Movie Actor!

Chang, Il Do is a high ranking member 9th Dan in Dangsudo. After learning Dangsudo in Cheonan, Chungnam when he was 17 years old, he worked as a martial arts instructor at the US camp at Song Tan, Kyong Ki Do Province. In 1973 when he was discharged from the military, he set up the first martial arts school in the premises of the 8th US Army’s Headquarters, Western people considered him to be “ Lee, So Ryong of Korea.” "Bruce Lee of Korea" 

In the days when a public servant’s month salary was tens of thousands Korean Won, the number of the martial arts school students who paid 6,000 Korean Won a month was as many as 70~80 . Chang, Il Do’s life came to be switched as he went to film auditions. A movie director, who was totally infatuated with Mr. Chang’s thick caterpillar eyebrows and excellent martial arts skills, picked out him as a leading role in the movie. 

Even though his acting in the movie was the first in his life, his appearance fees in the movie was as much as 200,000 Korean Won. In 1976, the film titled “Iljimae”, in which he did a leading role, made a box office hit, attracting as many as 100,000 film audiences only in Seoul. Thanks to “Iljimae” , Mr. Chang was casted for a Korea-Hong Kong joint film. 

Its title was “Three Bandits.” Afterwards, he abandoned the instructorship of martial arts in London, England, and committed himself to martial arts films only. By the way, with the release of the film titles “A Better Tomorrow” in the middle of the ‘80s, all changed. 

Even in the period when almost all people were enthused about bloody movies with a volley of gunfire reminding people of a battlefield, Chang, Il Do was committed to Martial arts and Martial Arts Movies without regard to other genres. Chang, Il Do’s prediction hit the bull’s eyes. In 1991, with the film “Hwang Bi Hong” he imported making a great success, the era of Martial Arts & Martial Art Movies made a comeback. 

Building the foundation for his business after the success of the film ‘Hwang Bi Hong’, Chang, Il Do came forward for “Dangsudo Restoration” he harbored in his heart all the time. In 2003, beginning to lay a cornerstone of Dangsudo restoration by opening Dangsudo English Moo Duk Kwan in Goyang city, Chang, Il Do devoted himself to restoration of Dangsudo by selecting the late Founder Hwang, Kee’s students, President the council, Choi, Hee Suk and operator Kim, Yong Duk as an important post holder for Moo Duk Kwan; in addition, taking up the post of secretary general of the Moo Duk Kwan for unity of all Dangsudo practitioners, he did training and research of mysterious martial art skills. At present, as a Senior Master of the Korea Dangsudo Association, he goes on an overseas business trip to supervise the Dangsudo Seminar, Dangsudo Belt Screening, and Dangsudo demonstrations and competitions, etc. 6 times to 10 times every year. Chang, Il Do’s only aspirations are to prove that “the National Martial Art of Dangsudo is the authentic and very best Martial Art of the world, and to set up the Dangsudo as the ‘Martial Art for all Korean people’ with the spirit of Dangsudo becoming the spiritual basis of the Korean people.

We send our deepest condolences to the family of Chang Il-Do. R.I.P. Chang Il-Do. For Chang’s filmography, go to his page on the Hong Kong Movie Database.

In search of high-rankers in Martial Arts Circles…

  • 1972: National Dangsudo (Tae Kwon Do) Champion
  • 1973: Martial Arts Master Instructor at the 8th U.S. Army’s Headquarters in Korea
  • 1976: Made a debut with a leading role in the movie “PungwunIljimae” 
  • 1977: Entered Hong Kong Film Circles
  • 1988~2003: Management Film Import and Film Producer
  • 2004~2012: President of Jayuro Drive-in theater Co.,Ltd. and Royal Cinema Garden Co.,Ltd.
  • 2011: Senior Master of the World Dangsudo Union

GM Chang Il Do contributed to the world of sports as an executive director of the Asian Tae Kwon Do Union while doing vigorous activities for movie art & culture promotion as the Paju branch president of the Korea Image Culture Artist Council and the president of Visual Entertainment Complex Promotion Committee. 

Korea Dangsudo Association; Moo Duk Kwan
Former Secretary General Chang, Il Do