Welcome to the Korea Dang Soo Do Association!

The KDA is built on the historic effort to preserve the Korean martial art of Dang (Tang) Soo Do, which has roots in Korea, Okinawa, Japan and China. The preservation of this historic art is the utmost concern of the KDA and we are very excited to share this effort with you.

Due to the political and legal battles, as well as upheaval within the Moo Duk Kwan itself. Much of the martial art of Dang Soo Do has been changed. The Korea Dang Soo Do Association (KDA) has been created to preserve this historical martial art of Korea and to protect it for years to come.

To achieve this, Grandmaster Carlos Alayon went back to the roots and became students of the two highest ranked Dang Soo Do practitioners in the world. Grandmaster Kim Yong Duk, Dan #2 (RIP), Grandmaster Choi Hee Suk, Dan #3; As well as the famous Grandmaster Chang Il Do, otherwise known as Bruce Li (RIP) the actor that took over many of Bruce Lee’s films. It is from these gentlemen that the KDA flows forth into the world.

We hope website helps you in your Dang Soo Do Journey. Dang Soo!